About Park International

Founded in 1994, the Park International Group is the member of “Travel Quality Assurance Association”, “Kaohsiung Associate of Travel Agents” and “Kaohsiung Travel Agent Association.” For the past many years, besides having done group travel to Hong Kong, Macau, we also devote ourselves to cross-strait tourism and association services. Our service spreads all over China, the inbound tour service includes relatives-visiting groups, travel groups, pilgrimage groups and study groups. We are one of the few excellent traveling agencies in Taiwan who has cross-straits traveling practice experiences.

In the same year, we founded the project group traveling department for dealing with travels of corporations in Taiwan and abroad. We keep an “honest and professional, zeal service and responsible for quality” spirit, hold “customer priority, service number one” as our belief, keep enhancing traveling quality and professional, excellent image.

For many years, we have been admired by many corporations and organizations. In the future, all staff will keep kind, active attitude and aggressive, zeal spirit to provide professional, qualified service for all customers. By maintaining the qualified traveling and good service, we keep reaching the highest goal to show our sincerity of our service and to make you feel satisfied.

Besides, the Park International Group is a traveling group which has large scale, vertical integration, and across the industries. We do an all-round traveling tourism industry development with professional management, international and unique feature. Our main work is managing traveling industry, while our purpose is covering the services of hotel, traveling agency, automobile, shopping, eating, exhibition, amusement and scenery spots. Not only receiving national, cross-straits customers, we also extend to America, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Korea. Till the end of 2015, the accumulated number of receiving global foreign people visiting Taiwan is eight hundred thousand people. We build a good reputation and receive good comments from national and global customers through highly efficient operation, and qualified products. The Park International Group uses the advantage of great economic scale to reach higher operation cost-efficiency, using a combination of resources to become one of the members standing in the spotlight in the big, growing fast traveling markets.

”Human oriented and customers as priority”, “Sincerity, Steadiness, Practicality, Innovation, Challenge, Touch “ have always been our management way. Our management team and employees of every department view this as our goal. With same minds, with united cooperation, with all efforts, we devote to provide high quality products and services. We ask for the best quality of every product. With a sincere attitude toward work, we satisfy and transcending customers ‘needs thoroughly. Keep working, pursuing excellence, we create a high quality service that provides satisfaction and trust.
In the future, we will devote ourselves to establish global sites, strengthen employee training and explore international markets, in the shortest time to let cooperation go public. We pursue to be the travel enterprise with competence. To reach the goal as soon as possible, the Park International group will overcome the difficulties, keeping advancing.
We’ll practice the following strategies orderly:

1.Keep enlarging group scale
In the base of steady economy, we enhance the service aspect and economic efficiency. Stabilizing the business between Taiwan and China, enlarging global markets, realize market diversification and make Taiwan become a global village.

2.Optimize customer organization
In the base of stabilizing present customers, we join travel market promotion activities actively and develop highly qualified customer's market and optimize the customer's structure.

3.Strengthen product development ability
In the base of maintaining present brand image, we strengthen product development ability, broaden product research and development team, and enhance the brand competency ability, enlarging market occupation rate. We aim to be travel cooperation with competency in the world and devote ourselves to providing service for global tourists.