Yehliu Geopark

The total distance measured from the entrance of the Yehliu Geopark to the end of the cape is about 1.7 km; the widest area in between is shorter than 300 m. The distance measured from Yehliu Stop at Jijin Highway to the end of the cape is about 2.4km. The rocky landscape of Yehliu Geopark is one of most famous wonders in the world. The coastal line is stretching in a direction vertical to the layer and the structure line; besides, the influences caused by wave attack, rock weathering, earth movement and crustal movement all contribute to the formation of such a rare and stunning geological landscape.

  • Open Time: Open daily from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm all year round. (Close at 6:00 pm between May and August.)
  • Ticket information:
    1.Adult ticket NTD80
    2.Half-fare ticket NTD40
    -Student (Taiwan only or show ISI card) For the children aged between 6 and 12.
    3.Group ticket (thirty persons upward) 20% discount
    4.Courtesy entry: Disabled Children of height under 115 cm or under age of 6.
  • Attention:Please save the environment. No smoking\No touching\No climbing...
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Alishan National Scenic Area

Alishan is blessed with bountiful natural resources, such as sunrise views, a sea of clouds and old forests. Especially as a popular folk song goes, Alishan has amazed people with its “lush green mountains and deep blue waters.” No matter in spring, summer, autumn or winter, visitors can expect to appreciate some of its beauty. For years, Alishan has been famous for its historical forest railway and indigenous tribes, too.


With smooth global sailing in the early 16th Century, the Spanish and Portuguese sailed past the Taiwan Strait and discovered “Formosa” – Taiwan In the 2nd year of the Tianqi (Tianci) reign period (1622) of Emperor Xizong (Sizong) of the Ming Dynasty, the Dutch followed the Spanish and Portuguese and occupied Penghu in search of a stronghold in the Far East. The Dutch were later expelled by Ming troops and left Penghu in the 4th year of the Tianqi reign period (1624).They chose the east of Penghu Island – an area known as Anping.“Zeelandia” (also known as Taiwan City) was built after their occupation of Anping for defense purposes and a town known as “Zeelandia Street” was formed, thus serving as a platform for trade between the mainland and Japan. Nowadays, Anping is one of the oldest towns in Taiwan.

  • Open Time:Open 24-hours a day all year round.
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The establishment of the Taroko National Park was very significant history in Taiwan. It happened in 1986 and came at a time when environmental protection was a major thing in Taiwan. The gorge itself is made up of metamorphic rock such as marble and has had a huge gorge carved down through it knows as Taroko gorge. The gorge itself is remarkable as it is so steep, visitor can get 3400 meters above sea level in just 60 KM. The original inhabitants of this area are the Truku aboriginal tribe who named the area Taroko in their own language, which means “magnificent and splendid”. The tribes are an integral part of Taiwan culture and they still reside in the area, which also give visitors an opportunity to experience the aboriginal culture when they visit here.


Sun Moon Lake lies in the center of the Shui-sha-lian Area, which is a part of the Yuchi Township in Nantou County. Due to the folding landscape, faulting and eroding effects on the neighboring areas of Sun Moon Lake, this area boasts of many mountains and hills. Sun Moon Lake is the largest lake in Taiwan, the beautiful name is comprised from the diamond-shaped Sun Lake and curved Moon Lake therefore named as the Sun Moon Lake.


Kenting National Park is the first national park in Taiwan, where located at the southern tip of Taiwan. It is renowned for its rich landscape and natural resources of the hills, dazzling bright sunshine, azure water, clean sandy beach, abundant life with warm climate, pleasant scenery and the convenient transport which make it become of the most popular resorts in Taiwan, attracting millions of both domestic and foreign tourists every year.


The E-DA Outlet Mall is one of the world’s largest outlet malls and the first direct-sell outlet in Taiwan with an 85-meter Ferris wheel on the top of the shopping mall. Inside the mall, It houses about 300 international brands which provide with best discounts to satisfy visitor's shopping desire meanwhile it is also a tourist recreation center with all-in-one entertainments. It has established a new benchmark for the development of the retailing industry in Taiwan.