Braised pork rice-滷肉飯

Not to be underestimated: braised fatty pork with rice.

A Taiwanese saying goes, "Where there is a wisp of smoke from the kitchen chimney, there will be lurou fan" (braised pork with rice). The popularity of this humble dish cannot be overstated. "Lurou fan" is synonymous with Taiwan. The Taipei city government launched a "braised pork rice is ours" campaign last year after Michelin’s Green Guide Taiwan claimed that the dish is from Shandong Province in mainland China. A good bowl of lurou fan has finely chopped, not quite minced, pork belly, slow-cooked in aromatic soy sauce with five spices. There should be an ample amount of fattiness, in which lies the magic. The meat is spooned over hot rice. A little sweet, a little salty, the braised pork rice is comfort food perfected.

Pineapple cake-鳳梨酥

This iconic pastry is one of the best souvenir options in Taiwan. Pineapple in Taiwanese Hokkien is pronounced “onglai”, which symbolizes prosperous, wealth and thriving's coming. These mini pineapple cakes are filled pineapple filling with golden casing of crumbly, buttery pastry. Pineapple cake contains butter, flour, egg, sugar, and pineapple jam, for some of bakers who may also substitute winter melon as pineapple jam as a filling. It's crumbly, fragrant crust and the chewy, sweet fruit filling come together, which is a wonderful companion for tea or other beverages.

Oyster omelet-蚵仔煎

Here's a snack that really showcases the fat of the land of Taiwan. You've got something from the sea and something from the soil. The eggs are the perfect foil for the little oysters easily found around the island, while sweet potato starch is added to give the whole thing a gooey chewiness - a signature Taiwan food texture. It was voted as one of the best snacks to represent the island by Global Views Monthly.

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Bubble tea-珍珠奶茶

Bubble milk tea is representative of the "QQ" food texture that Taiwanese love. The cute-sounding phrase refers to something that is very chewy, just like the tapioca balls that are the "bubbles" in bubble tea. It is said that this unique drink was invented out by an accident in the 1980s, after the drink became popular in most parts of Asia and is well received by global consumers from everywhere, specifically around areas with high Asian demographics.

Beef Noodles-牛肉麵

You know it's an obsession Beef noodles are often served as fast food in China and Taiwan. The dish is considered to be a main meal and it is often served on its own. In Taiwan, beef noodles this flavorful dish has become a symbol of Taiwanese food culture and very popular that the city of Taipei holds a Beef Noodle Festival every year in which various chefs and restaurants compete to see who has the best beef noodle recipe. This simple, but widely loved Taiwanese dish is something that every traveler should try before leaving Taiwan.

Fried chicken-鹽酥雞

Taiwan fried chicken is westernized as popcorn chicken in Taiwanese cuisine commonly found as street snack and is indispensable to the night markets in Taiwan. It consists of bite-sized pieces of chicken, marinated, coated and fried with flour and seasoning mixture. Salt and pepper are the staple condiment, while chili powder and lightly fried basil leaves add to preference. Since the creation of this dish, it has become a popular and ubiquitous snack.

Spicy hotpot-麻辣火鍋

Hot pot refers to several East Asian varieties of stew, consisting of a simmering metal pot of stock at the center of the dining table. While the hot pot is kept simmering, ingredients are placed into the pot and are cooked at the table. Typical hot pot dishes are filled with all sorts of Chinese herbs and spices to create an incredibly rich flavor of all the raw, fresh ingredients that diners will dip into it. The cooked food is usually eaten with a dipping sauce. There are many different types of flavor hot pot, but the spicy hot pot flavor is usually the most popular flavor in Taiwan.