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Popular Tours

In spite of being a small island, Taiwan has a special geologic structure that has created an endless variety of prodigious scenery. In addition to its rich cultural characteristics, Taiwan's tourist resources have been developed in abundance. To help travelers enjoy themselves and have an in-depth travel experience, tours have been planned out to combine natural scenery with cultural attractions.

A wide range of tours based on different themes are available, and you can make your own choice from among the following options.


Foreign travelers may obtain tourist visa if they hold foreign passports or travel documents valid for more than six months for purposes of sightseeing, business, family visits, study or training, medical treatments, or other legitimate activities. Visa requirements include all completed application form, inbound and outbound travel tickets, one photograph, documents verifying the purpose of the visits, and other relevant documents.

The Visitor Visa Application Form can be downloaded from the website of the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The completed form should be submitted to an overseas mission of the Republic of China for visa issuances. read more...


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