Beauty Tour Taiwan 7 hari

Hotel : menggunakan hotel bintang 4 
Transportasi : mengunakan bus parawisata local dan supir yang berpengalaman 
Makanan :setiap orang akan mendapat Nt. 250 voucher 
Shabu-shabu Taiwan -kuah sup “khas selera taiwan”saus、selera lain-yang memberikan perasaan yang nikmat 
Pesta seafood Taiwan - menikmati makanan laut yang lezat 
Makanan Hakka -makanan khas gaya hakka 
Mie sup sapi Taiwan - di Taipei ada “mie sup sapi”yang terkenal、yang setiap tahun mengadakan festival “Taipei internasional beef noodle ” 
Pasar malam yang penuh aneka ragam makanan 
Asuransi : asuransi perjalanan atau travel 
Keunikan yang berikan pada peserta :merndapatkan air minum setiap hari

  • 01 Day
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    Taoyuan Airport-Taipei-Travel around the President Office-ascend top of Taipei 101

    Taking grand jet plane and arrive at Taoyuan International Airport. Specialized bus would bring tourists to the “President Office” with majestic, tall exterior. Set off by the broad square, it shows the noble atmosphere. Then is the tallest building of the world-“Taipei 101”, taking the fastest tourism elevator to the top and admire whole Taipei view.

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  • 02 Day
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    Nantou-Chung Tai Chan Monastery-Sun Moon Lake ropeway-Sun Moon Lake national scenery spot-Board on boat and travel lake- Wenwu Temple-Xuan Guang Si

    After breakfast, we go to Nantou for visiting “Chungtai Zen Temple.” Then is the “Sun Moon Lake scenery spot. ”Sun Moon Lake is the biggest fresh water lake in Taiwan. Its lake superficial area is broad to nine hundred acres. The middle Lalu Island is the holy place of aboriginal Thao. Take this as boundary; because the north round looks like sun and south round looks like moon, it got the name “Sun Moon Lake. Taking Sun Moon Lake ropeway and boarding on boat to travel lake appreciate the scenery then go to the hotel.

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  • 03 Day
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    Kaohsiung -Buddha Memorial Center-Lotus Pond-Kaohsiung Dream Mall

    After breakfast, we go to the“Buddha Memorial Center”. The greatest feature is the tallest and biggest sitting Buddha-Fo Guang Great Buddha. This place is the spot which travelers must visit. “Lotus Pond “grows lotus all around the pond; therefore, it was listed in Fengshang eight scenes in the Qing Dynasty, called “lotus fragrance in the pond. “Now, owing to the Bangpingshan special shape and reflection of Dragon Tiger Tower ‘in the water, it is famous for “lotus pond sunset scene.” “Dream Mall” is formed with fish shape building and main body building, merging nature, ocean concept and living. It is a special style planning. The biggest feature is the top Hello Kitty Ferris wheel, named “Eye of Kaohsiung”, and it becomes the new index spot of Kaohsiung City.

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  • 04 Day
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    Kaohsiung-Taitung” Shihtiping, Tropic of Cancer Monument, Sanxiantai, Water running upward”

    After breakfast, we go to Taitung. Along the highway, look out the window; you can fully appreciate Pacific coastal scene and blue sea water. Along the road, “Tropic of Cancer Monument”, “Sanxiantai”, their special eight arch cross-sea bridge is the famous spot of this place. You can admire every kind of strange rocks and weird stones. Water runs upward along the irrigation channel of “Water running upward” is amazing. Owing to the inclination of bridge side is bigger than road side, people will have misconception that water is flowing upward and it arouses curious tourists watching. After dinner, we go to Taitung Hotel for rest, and you can enjoy famous “Zhiben Hot Spring” (Please bring swimming suit and swimming cap.)

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  • 05 Day
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    Taitung-Hualien-Taroko Scenery Spot- Chihsingtang Beach

    After breakfast, through Hsuehshan Tunnel and we go to Ilan. Taking train and admire the great Pacific ocean, heading for Hualien. Traveling the famous “Taroko National Park” and appreciate amazing marble gorge. Through Swallow Grotto, Tunnel of Nine Turns, Changchun Shrine, the buses snake in cliffs of central cross-island highway. The grand atmosphere makes you can’t take eyes off. Then is the famous spot of Hualien- “Chihsingtang Beach” (it is known as the most beautiful gravel beach) and see Pacific ocean yourself and live in the hotel.

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  • 06 Day
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    Hualien-Taipei-Palace Museum-CKS Memorial Hall-Shinlin Night Market-Taipei

    After breakfast, we’ll head for “National Palace Museum” of Taipei which collects Chinese culture delicacy treasure. Then is the “Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall”. Mr. Chang had been the most superior leader of Chinese, Republic of the Union of Myanmar, and India war area of Allies in WWII, who is listed with Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin. All of them became the four biggest leaders protest against Fascism. The Memorial shape mimics the top of Beijing Temple of Heaven and the body of Egypt pyramid, tall and dignified.

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  • 07 Day
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    After breakfast, accord to the flight schedule and go to airport, back to home. We wish you a good memory and expect for the next meeting!

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